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You have to have Buy-in

Last week I met a fellow Real Estate Agency Owner at the 2 day conference. Having flown up from his town in Victoria, he was the only one from his entire office at the event.

Well, he had heard many of the speakers previously and quickly identified that his biggest struggle when returning to his office will be getting this information to his team and have it being implemented. That was his challenge; Translating it to his team.

This is a classic case of the buy-in issue. As John Kotter mentions in the video, below:

“Whenever you have an idea – of any size at all – it requires support from people.”

Here’s the thing for this Agency Owner. After 2 days in Brisbane, he has been on a journey. He has seen, heard, sat in the audience, mingled, digested the information, thought about it and had a chance to discuss with other real estate agents. His thinking is not the same as it was at the start of Day 1. His thinking has been changed. He may not even be able to articulate the journey. He now knows what needs to change.

His team has not been on the journey. They have not been through what he went through. They have not received a mental upgrade.

Here’s the issue.

If he just tells his team what to do – there is likely to be compliance, but it is unlikely there will be buy-in. His team may or may not DO the things he will ask of them. Only the team members who are already operating at the same mental level as the Agency Owner will do as asked, and keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it.

Those team members who do not do the actions at all, or start and then stop – they have not bought-in. Their actions will not be sustained. They just haven’t been on a mental journey, their thinking has not changed, and they probably don’t truly understand why these actions are so important.

If you want to improve (change) yourself – the only person who needs to be involved, is you.

This is the important part, right here:

If you want to improve (change) your team – and sustain those improvements - the team must go on the same journey with you.

Author: Beth Stansfield

Here’s the concept in John Kotter’s words:

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