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What level are you on?

Watch the video (TEDX Talk - David Logan), then have a solid conversation with yourself.

If you’re NOT at Level 5, or you don’t think every single person you work with would describe you as Level 5 ….

What are YOU doing about it? What are YOU doing to get there as quickly as possible?


In a nutshell, a L5L has the primary ambition to build a great company. It's not about themselves, or the leadership role being a stepping stone to something different. The desire to build an enduring great company stands well above their own ego. Yes, they have ambition - but their ambition is for the company FIRST, not themselves.


I'm going to ram it home, just one more time - because this is important. You HAVE to understand this.


If you want your business to improve. If you want your business to be great...

YOU (the leader) must have an inner drive to make everything you touch, the best it can possibly be … not because of what it might get you (tangible or intangible), but simply because you can’t imagine doing it any other way.


Author: Beth Stansfield

5S is simple, but it's not Easy!
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