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THE Mantra for every situation

THE Mantra for every situation

These are the "One-Size-Fits-All" questions for almost any situation you are facing in your business:

         Will your improvement efforts be sustained? Ask the 3 questions.

         Why did the quality fail? Ask the 3 questions.

         Why did the task get done in the wrong way? Ask the 3 questions.

         What was the delay? Why did it take so long? Ask the 3 questions.


What is the standard?

If you want to be the McDonalds of your industry - where you have a 18yo managing a multi-million dollar store being operated by 13 yo - you need every single task broken down so a 13 yo can understand it! THEN you have a chance of owning a cash cow profit machine!

Make it easy to do the job.

Defined, clear, concise standards: Every task fits into an easily identified process and HOW to do that task is communicated via standards.


Is it visible?

A picture is worth 1000 words. A picture can show the user what is "ok - not ok" at a glance.

This makes the task easier to do!

You are able to get every employee operating at the same standard AND new employees can be up to speed quickly. Visible standards are much easier to understand for those with literacy and numeracy issues.


What is driving it?

This at the heart of every improvement initiative you do. It is the people question:

          How do you know the standard is being used?
          What happens when it is followed?

          What happens when it is not followed?

          Who is supporting the standard? Guiding it's use? Challenging it? Improving it?


What is the Standard? Is it Visible? What is Driving it?

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