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The Gap

If you don’t have any gaps, then quit reading my stuff and divert your time and energy into something else. I can’t help you until you recognise at least ONE gap.


The Gap is the space in the middle between how something is right now and how you want it to be.


In order to improve something, you must be able to either quantify in numbers or describe in words - the current state and the future state. Avoid using labels for the “Future State” like target, KPI, goal. These tend to be negative trigger words for many, many people who have labored through performance appraisal processes.

The important part is that the “right now” and the “future” are clear in your head … What it would be like to do that task faster, or work in that office environment, or go home at 4pm.

When it’s clear in your head, then you can communicate it clearly into someone else’s head – and then you have two heads recognising that there is a Gap and thinking about how to close The Gap.

.... then you'll start to improve the something.


Author: Beth Stansfield

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