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Some days you’ve just got to do what needs to be done

Its 7am in the morning and this article is the last of my Daily Standard Work that needs to be done. (Daily Standard Work are the things that must be done, each day, to keep the engine running for your business.)

I’m excited about that. It means I’ve finally got my get-up and automatically just do-must do routine down pat.

I look at my ToDo list for today, and it certainly does not fill me with any great excitement. Wash and Pack to go away tomorrow, Grocery shopping, Drive 2 hr round trip to pick up flyers from a distribution company that did not deliver them (a blog for another time…), ironing and go to Bunnings. That’ll be it. By the time that is all done, it will be 2:50pm and time to do the school run.

Does that day excite you? Not me.

You know, all those things have to be done, and they must be done today. I am infinitely glad that I don’t do an 10 hr daily grind as an employee in an office anymore, but that doesn’t mean my life is a party everyday!

Today, it’s a case of; pump up Triple J on the car stereo and whack some of my favourite CD’s into the lounge room CD player, and just go and do it.

Some days you’ve just got to do what needs to be done.


Author: Beth Stansfield

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