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Ramp it up (Week One Day 5)

Ramp it up (Week One Day 5)

How important are those family days?

Pretty important.

This 6 week challenge will only be sustained if all areas of my life are in balance. I can’t hide myself away and write when the family is around.

This challenge is not an everyday challenge – it is a 4 day a week challenge. If I want to keep my Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday free for family days, then I’m going to have to ramp it up on the 4 writing days.

1800 words a day is the new target.


828 words in today's writing session. Hmmm ... I didn't quite reach the target. There are a few other things requiring attention, today:

Buster, our dog, has not eaten 36 hours, has been at the Vet and the diagnosis is - pancreatitis.

I have a house full of dirty sheets and towels that need washing. They haven't turned into sentient beings to wash themselves, so it looks like I'm going to have to do it.

We're heading into Suncorp Stadium tonight to watch the Broncos play the Bulldogs. I'm not a fan of paying $25 per person to eat at the Stadium. Hence, I've braved the Friday crowd at the Grocery store to pick up supplies for our backpack stash.

1000 little time leaks, all add up.


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