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Pandora's Box (Day 17)

Pandora's Box (Day 17)

I sit at my desk in frustration. It's Day 17 of the 6 Week Book Writing Challenge and I am making progress. However, not in a way I thought I would!

Once I started writing purposefully (almost) everyday, a Pandora's box of thoughts exploded in my brain. There's so much more I wish to share with the world. I have so much guidance to give, to help others NOT make the mistakes I made (or help them find the lessons). Limiting myself to focus on one book is difficult. I feel compelled to write on a topic, and then realise it does not really relate to the book I set out to complete in this challenge.


I wonder what other writers do?

Is this why it takes writers so long to write books? They are, in fact, writing bits of many books ... all at the same time??


I have FOUR books, currently in progress:

No. 1 = 5,765 words

No. 2 =2,417 words

No. 3 & 4 = The outlines are done (e.g. contents of chapters, showing how the topic unfolds to the reader)


I also have another NINE books as concepts!


Now, I'm at a cross-roads again. I am frustrated at the struggle to focus on one book. Yet, when I write a bit of each book, at a time when the words easily spew through my fingers ... I am ALSO frustrated. It feels like I'm getting nowhere.


I wonder what other writers do, when they open Pandora's box.

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