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No Plan B = motivation

They had enough Australian dollars to last one full day, the first day they arrived.

They even had two cash cards linked to their bank account back home – so they could just go to an ATM and get more cash.

They also had a credit card without a limit, and could therefore access money that way.

Their Plan B failed. It wasn’t enough. The cash cards didn’t work. The father’s credit card needed a PIN, and he couldn’t remember his PIN!

The holes in the cheese lined up and what appeared like a solid plan for accessing money – just started to crumble. As each Plan B failed, they were more and more motivated to find a solution. Why? Because they were in a foreign country without any money, nor any immediate access to any more money.


It made me think about Plan B’s. On the journey of Entrepreneurship Self-Development, we’re told a couple of conflicting views about Plan B’s….

  1. … Anyone with a backup plan is not committed to the first plan – they are not yet in a position where they MUST make Plan A work, and persevere, persevere, persevere
  2. … Someone without a Plan B is too passionate to be successful; their mind is clouded with passion instead of clear business thought

What do you think?

Personally, this is the first time in my life I have not had a Plan B. I distinctly recall being in Year 10 and drawing up a decision tree of the different career paths I could take when leaving year 12 and what opportunities were lost or opened up with each decision. For the last 20 years, yes – I’ve always had a plan – yes, it has frequently changed …. Still, I have had a plan.

When I first stopped my role in Business Improvement and went into Real Estate full-time, I thought “That’s ok, if it doesn’t work out in ‘x’ months, I can just get another job back in Business Improvement and keep doing Real Estate Part-Time.”

It was only a matter of days, and I knew. I knew the Plan B was out the window. I knew there was no going back to a job. This was it. This was THE path for me. I loved it! I loved it more than any job I’d ever had. I still do.

It works, because I make it work, because there is no other option.


As for my sister-in-law and her family from the Netherlands … one phone call to their bank and it was all cleared up … well, their cash cards worked but the father still couldn’t remember his credit card PIN!!

Author: Beth Stansfield

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