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Lean Six Sigma in Real Estate?? Huh??

Real Estate is no different to any other industry.

In Manufacturing, great operators become supervisors, who advance into coordinator roles and into Management. In Mining, great tradespeople move up into supervisor roles, then engineering roles, and then into management. In Real Estate – great real estate agents branch out into their own franchise or start their own brand from scratch.

These scenarios repeat themselves in big companies and small, in every industry you can think of, all over the country every day. At what point did you learn how to run a business? How about running a great business??

Nobody is questioning your technical capability to do your job – you must be great – that’s how you ended up in the position you are in!

Doing your job and running a business are two very different things. Running a business and running a great business are also two very different things.

Great businesses – Toyota, Coca-Cola, Dupont, Fontera – have ingrained Lean Six Sigma concepts and methodologies into their core.

Lean focuses on removing the wastes in your business – in a nutshell, efficiency with effectiveness. Six Sigma is used in data-driven Statistical Process Control applications to solve high-risk quality problems (more common in manufacturing, processed food production and hospitals than real estate).

The choice is yours! You have two options.

  1. With the same amount of inputs, your output increases. Eg. You are doing the same amount of hours, but producing more
  2. Your output remains the same, with less inputs. E.g. You are serving the same amount of customers, in less time (and therefore have more time to spend with your family!)

Most in the real estate industry choose option 2.

Think about it and pick one.

It is the one core factor for you to consider, with every Lean Six Sigma element you are introduced to. Best of all, it will underpin the transformation of your good business, into a great business.

What is the Problem?
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