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Keep doing Nothing or start doing Something?

Keep doing Nothing or start doing Something?

It's so easy to get caught in the trap.

I want to learn Spanish. I've had lessons in the past, loved it and it seemed to stick in my memory pretty well.

I know the most effective ways to learn a foreign language are either:

          1. Go and live in the country - well, with that was fine when I was 18. Not so easy with a family!

          2. Take classes with 20 other students - I learned this way last time, through UQ's Institute of Modern Languages. With a FIFO husband, I'm restricted to weekdays, during school hours.... none that I can find!

          3. Have private tuition with a native speaker - It's simply too expensive.

So, I've continued to do nothing... And it sits there, festering in my soul as something I would dearly like to master - and all I could see were barriers.

Until a chat with Mum. She listened to my list of things I would dearly like to be doing with my time - and gave me a verbal slap in the face:

"Ok. So you can't do it in any of the most effective way, possible. Does that mean you do nothing? Do something! There's heaps of stuff on YouTube. Surely someone is teaching on there."

Yes. My 60yo Mum is telling me to go online and do something instead of nothing. I can't believe I didn't think of it! I'm online all the time looking for information, and almost NEVER go to find out How to do something. She does. She's on YouTube finding out how to cut a chilli or freeze herbs. Pure Gold.

Sure enough, there are many free Apps teaching Spanish. I've got 3 of them. Vocabulary, phrases, pronunciation. I'm learning Spanish, using identical technology to my 4yo' English language expansion. Awesome!

I wonder if I can learn Flamenco via YouTube?

Doing Something gets you closer than doing Nothing.

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