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It Doesn't Matter

It Doesn't Matter

Life is so serious.

We spend so much time being a role model for our children, creating our financial independence, making the world a better place ... serving … caring … giving.

There’s an underlying line of thought that everything we do – in every minute of every day – must be spent building.
Building ourselves.
Building a future.
Building a legacy.

Somehow if we’re not doing those things, with just a portion of our day, then we’re being frivolous and are not committed to our success. We are not dedicated. We do not want it bad enough. So, while we are spending our time doing the frivolous thing … someone else is NOT and THEY are the ones who are going to get the prize.

You know what?

That can make for a pretty boring person.

I thoroughly enjoy following my NRL team AND the game in general. Yes, I have tragic-tendencies where I watch all the extra NRL TV shows on FoxSports, too. In fact, Tuesday night is the only night where there is no NRL…!

There is one single reason WHY I have embraced NRL more and more as I have aged = It doesn’t matter.

Everything else I do in my life, matters. These things matter to my health, my family, my future.

NRL does not!

It doesn’t matter who wins or loses.
It doesn’t matter who gets sent off, injured, sledged or suspended.

It doesn’t matter to ME. I'm not going to lose my house, my health, my family or future....

So, I can become emotionally invested in something over which I have no control. I feel all the ups and scream and yell and am a proud Queenslander...
I can derive immense emotional joy from following a sport.

And… just brush off the water off a duck’s back.…because the lows have no impact on my life.

Sure, they’re a big deal for the players, the team, the coach, the club and the game. Not for me. Not in my life.

Where else can you get this feeling?

It makes for a fantastic mental break from being so serious all the time ... for 6 months of the year.

Cowboys! Queensland! Yeah!

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