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I want to win

I want to win

“When does it all start?” I enquired.

The highly experienced member was all too happy to explain. “Well, the new year starts in July. Clubs have their competition sometime after that. The winner goes onto the Area competition, and that’s in October. There’s, like, 6 clubs who compete in that one and the winner goes onto the Division competition in March. Once again, THAT winner goes onto the Australian competition, in May sometime. And the winner, THERE competes at the International conference, held in the USA somewhere, in August.”

My mind is ticking over.... this is awesome!

To compete at the International Public Speaking competition, a speaker has had to win everything from club level, up – starting 13 months prior. They must be pretty damn good. They’d have to be a master at all the subtle elements of speaking, too…. voice, body movement, grammar, pronunciation, articulation … as well as having a speech content that is captivating to a wide breadth of audience.

Ok. Take a deep breath. Think: “What’s the next step?”

Of course, go to the Division competition and see what the standard of competition is like. Each of the entrants has already had to beat members from their own club AND the other members from other local clubs.

What better way to prepare for the next season of competition? I have, maybe, 5 months.

It’s a standard case of Gap analysis; skill by skill: (The Gap)

Where am I now?

What level to I need to be at by July?

Which skills need the most work?

Where are they in the CC manual, and in what order do I tackle them?

I want to win.

The only way that is going to happen is by: Harsh analysis in the cold light of day, a solid plan to close the gap and consistent execution.

Author: Beth Stansfield aka Queen of Excellence

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