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Find Your Life

Find Your Life

"Beth! I'm not coping with the FIFO life. I'm so unhappy. I feel lonely, depressed, lost. I hate my life."

I hear you. I hear your isolation. I hear your helplessness. I hear your frustration.

You're in a FIFO situation for reason - whatever your reasons are - it's so difficult. It's so hard to deal with the emotional roller coaster, that in those low times you tell yourself the kicker - I hate my life.

Wow! That's a harsh thing to say to yourself.

Guess What? Your FIFO circumstances have nothing to do with your life.


I'll say it again - your FIFO circumstances and your life are two different things.


You know your FIFO circumstances - the roster, why you made the decision in the past and why your circumstances stay that way. Your circumstances are facts ... logistics ... a framework. You live your life inside that framework.

Your life! Your life is ... Your life is all around you. It is growth. Growth within you and growth physically. Growth in your family, your garden. It is activity in hobbies, sports and clubs. It is stimulating all your senses - what do you see? Smell? Hear? What can you taste? Touch? Feel? Your life is all around you!

You say you hate your life! Really? How is that possible?

Maybe you have simply allowed your circumstances to cast a shadow over your life. Your circumstances have swallowed your life and you can't see it anymore! Perhaps you have forgotten what your life is?

Rekindle it. Stoke it. Fuel it.

Here's what you do:

When you find yourself thinking 'I hate my life':

Stop. Remember it is your circumstances, not your life.

Take a breathe.

Notice 'life' - your life - happening all around you.

Find your life, hidden beneath your circumstances.


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