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Are you kidding?

So long as you’re listing and selling … everything’s ok, yeah?

Recently, I was in a room full of agents when I heard the speaker say this. Yes, a very respected speaker and I’m certainly not knocking his desire to use language that would tap into the general mindset of the audience.

Sure enough, the majority of the room responded with a Yes!

Not everyone. About one in ten said the same as me – a ‘Hell, No!’. Just as wholehearted as the Yes. Just as emphatic as the Yes.

I’m here for the one in ten.


In the beginning when you’re just an agent by yourself and all you have to do is list and sell – well, sure, you can simplify it like that … for now.

As soon as you have people working for you (permanent, contract or temporary), you start to have a business unit. You rely on this business unit to bring income into your bank account.

Now you’re a manager. Maybe even a leader.

Now you’re building a business, because you probably want more and more income each year – doing the same, or less hours at work.

Now you want to create an enduring great company – so you can step back and it doesn’t fall to pieces.


Is listing and selling going to teach you how to do those things?

Running a time-efficient, cost-effective, enduring, great business unit …. It’s more than listing and selling.


Author: Beth Stansfield

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