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Into the Swing of things... (Week One Day 3)

Into the Swing of things... (Week One Day 3)

Wednesday 6th August 2014

G-Day (Grandparent’s Day): The youngest spends Wednesdays with her Grandparents (Grandma and Grandad – my parents). I drop her off at my parent’s place and they bring her back at dinner time, for a family dinner together. G-Day is my favourite day because my day is not cut short at 2:40pm for the school pick-up. Those extra 3 hours makes a big difference in my ability to gain traction and stay focused in whatever I’m working on.

Woo Hoo! It’s 8:50am. I’ve dropped the youngest off and am back at the local post office to pick up a parcel. The door says “Open 9am” and they are already open! Woo Hoo! Three cheers for dedicated Australia Post employees who open early. (I’m not a fan of waiting)

Double Yay! The parcel is my set of personalized number plates, in the Queensland State of Origin theme. What a way to start the day!

9:00 am and I am at the desk, ready to start typing. Wait! What’s that? My 500GB hard drive has only 8.6 GB free? How can that be? Hmm… Oh, look. My son has made a 300GB back-up of his portable hard drive on my computer. How kind of him. DELETE.

I wonder what the biggest languages in the world are? I could have this book translated into other languages and reach a wider audience. It seems there are 6 official languages within the United Nations: English, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, French and Arabic. I can see the promo text on the book, now … “…also available in 5 other languages…”. For only $0.10 per word, it is possible. Hmmm, that’s a bit dear for a 40,000 word book.


Stop investigating hypotheticals for a book that isn’t even written! Get the book written! Start writing!

9:15am – 11:00am – Write 1026 words

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