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The Joys of Parenting (Week One Day 1)

The Joys of Parenting (Week One Day 1)

Monday 4th August 1014

The joys of parenting and trying to reach your own goals at the same time…

My son wakes up too sick to go to school. Three phone calls – Call the absentee line, make a doctor appointment and send my apologies for the Toastmasters meeting I was supposed to go to this morning. Yes, it was my turn to deliver a speech and yes, it was a business meeting where I had responsibilities as Secretary. No, this morning, my son takes priority.

The school morning routine continues … get the youngest ready for school, put the laundry on, drop her off to school, wrestle the Monday morning grocery crowd, return home to put another load of laundry on, unpack the groceries and wash up the breakfast dishes. Phew!

9:30am and I am finally at my desk. A 2 hour stint yields 1714 words. I decided to start with writing the personal stories that flesh out the points I wish to make. There’s something – almost a counselling quality – to remembering pivotal events and putting them into words for other people to understand.

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