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This book is the book I wish I had when I was looking for guidance…. It would have saved a hell of a lot of confusion, tears and heart-ache!

I have 37 years of lessons inside my head. Lessons that I wish I knew 20 years ago because my life would have been significantly easier over the past 20 years!

If I die, these lessons will die with me. I wrote this book to transfer the lessons out of my head.

KIS Lesson 81: Naps
KIS Lesson 80: Cycles
KIS Lesson 79: Over-tired
KIS Lesson 78: Babies
KIS Lesson 77: Comfort
KIS Lesson 75: Golden Rules
KIS Lesson 73: Values
KIS Lesson 72: Age gap
KIS Lesson 71: Cold
KIS Lesson 70: Smarter
KIS Lesson 69: Postcode
KIS Lesson 68: A long time
KIS Lesson 67: Choice
KIS Lesson 65: Psychiatrist
KIS Lesson 62: Hobbies
KIS Lesson 59: Honesty
KIS Lesson 58: Dating
KIS Lesson 55: Equal
KIS Lesson 53: Zing
KIS Lesson 51: Fixing
KIS Lesson 50: Flirting
KIS Lesson 47: No
KIS Lesson 41: Stuff
KIS Lesson 36: Violence
KIS Lesson 34: Accolades
KIS Lesson 33: Praise
KIS Lesson 32: A Rock
KIS Lesson 31: Take Time
KIS Lesson 30: Integrity
KIS Lesson 29: Excited
KIS Lesson 28: Change
KIS Lesson 26: Your Gut
KIS Lesson 25: Pressure
KIS Lesson 21: Worse
KIS Lesson 15: Anger
7. Power Play
4. Mates before Dates
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It started as a speech.

Beth Stansfield, a FIFO wife (wife to a fly in fly out worker) had found a way to stop merely surviving in her FIFO life and started thriving. On the back of overwhelming support for her message, Beth developed an online presence to reach the partners of other FIFO workers. The appeal of her distinct style has extended Beth’s influence far beyond the FIFO community.

Now - Beth Stansfield has a captive audience of army wives (navy, air force & other military wives too!) and the partners of long distance bus & truck drivers, sailors, travelling executives, critically & terminally ill patients … and others who are working away from family. All relationships share the same underlying situation – a life partner is there and yet – at the same time – not there.

Beth Stansfield draws upon her own experiences and those of the people she has met through speaking, writing and her online presence. Beth’s unique ability to convert her inspirational story into motivational videos and motivational speeches has catapulted her popularity within this niche.



In February 2009, the company Beth worked for issued forced redundancies to 1800 workers. Beth was one of them. This book flags the key moments in her search for "another way" to earn income - beyond the employee rat race.



Lean Six Sigma - easy to understand, quick to implement, on a shoestring - perfect for Small Businesses!

My own, original lyrics ... reflecting my thoughts at the time. All rights reserved.